Primary Education @ SIRIS

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Sai Sakthi International Residential School follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum which is the most widely accepted board curriculum in the country. The classroom communications are designed to generate inter-disciplinary knowledge through interactive sessions.

The key focus of the school is same as the Board. The school practices a skill based curriculum and content driven as well. The examination and evaluation processes are very dynamic to keep pace with the changing trend in education. Always our effort is to represent the spirit of a holistic school education designed at achieving brilliance in all areas of creative activity.

  • Innovative pedagogy forms the basis for our specially designed learning process of a joyful primary school programme.
  • Specially trained teachers do make the teaching learning process as child centred.
  • Play way methods are designed and practiced to ensure holistic development of the child.
  • Our team of teachers have been trained in providing the first hand experiences to the child aiming at development of skills linking to the process of learning.
  • Online lessons for revision and integration of technology in day to day classroom teaching and learning.
  • Assessment of performance in classwork and participation of students in co-curricular activities is periodically planned and information to the parents with their interaction with our teachers is done with a framed time table.
  • Scientific attitude and approach has been inculcated in the minds of the students by providing theoretical learning and practical classes under the guidance of well qualified science teachers.
  • The hidden talent is brought out through healthy competitions and through confidence building activities.

Value Based Education @ SIRS

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It is aptly said that education without character is not only meaningless but could be dangerous. We at SIRS go after the constant and ample assessment system implemented by the CBSE with a thrust on all round development of the child in which imbuing the child with the right attitudes and values. Motivating the younger generation with the right kind of attitudes and values is a regular practice that Sai Sakthi International Residential School takes sincerely.

The activities in school, either inside the classroom or outside are structured to emphasize the significance of working together, caring, sharing and developing social skills that will implant honesty, integrity and awareness needed to show respect to all. We train behavioural patterns that encourage protection and conservation of things around them.

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