Play School & Pre-Primary (Kindergarten)

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At Sai Sakthi International Residential School ( SIRS ) we believe there is a spark in every child that needs to be kindled. For the child, the mother is the first teacher and the teacher is the second mother once he / she steps into the school. Our teachers at Kindergarten transform the school atmosphere into homely atmosphere by accepting the children as their own children and by developing good rapport with them.

  • SIRS implements Play way methodology for the tiny tots by making the learning process an enjoyable experience .
  • Play school explores opportunity for the child to develop motor skills enabling realization of body awareness, spatial awareness, eye foot & eye hand coordination etc.,
  • Simpler Language experiences in smarter manners with rhyme exploration,body language are encouraged in concept formation and linguistic expression
  • Play school emphasizes in learning the Numerical ability through collection and counting of objects.
  • Toys, equipments and programmes are designed to encourage discovery and learning as well as for children to play, learn and grow.

SIRS follows “Project Way Teaching Method” using Montessori methodology as follows:

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Fine Motor Development

  • Picks up objects
  • String beads
  • Does actions for finger play
  • Holds crayons with thumb and fore finger
  • Rolls, pulls and pounds clay
  • Draws/paints pictures with simple strokes, etc…
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Integrated Motor Development

  • Walks up and down stairs with assistance
  • Jumps and runs actively
  • Walks forward and backward with ease
  • Stretches arms straight – above the head and forward
  • Crawls 7 to 8 steps
  • Climbs – slid, monkey ladder, jungle gym, etc…
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Cognitive Development

  • Sorts and classifies patterns
  • Identifies shapes and relates to things around
  • Understands and observes day/night
  • Follows directions and instructions given
  • Solves simple problems using imagination and reasoning skill
  • Recalls 3-4/4-5 objects or pictures during memory game, etc…
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Sensory Development

  • Distinguishes the smell of flower/fruit
  • Differentiates the tastes – sweet, salty, bitter and sour
  • Differentiates hot/cold, wet/dry, rough/smooth
  • Identifies shapes/objects by touching and feeling
  • Forms patterns with building blocks and patterning blocks
  • Keeps to the rhythm while clapping/stamping/singing, etc…

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